Low SAPS lubricants contain a reduced proportion of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur. Formulated with an all-new generation of additives, the QUARTZ INEO range considerably increases the efficiency of anti-pollution systems, particularly Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF): the content of metallic components is reduced by 50%, which serves to increase the life span and efficiency of the DPF.

Thanks to the new generation of TOTAL Low SAPS oils, the metallic components no longer clog the DPF.

  • Vehicles of BMW and Mercedes-Benz groups
  • Vehicles of Volkswagen group
  • Vehicles of Peugeot-Citroen groups

QUARTZ INEO ECS (made-to-measure for P.S.A.)
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QUARTZ INEO ECS: Never has a lubricant provided you with so many solutions

QUARTZ INEO ECS is a new generation oil with exceptional ecological and economical performances.

The result of our partnership with PSA Peugeot Citroën, it is the ideal Fuel Economy lubricant for all Diesel engines, enabling maximum optimisation of the diesel particulate filter. Giving ultra-high cylinder protection, it prolongs your engine life, while improving comfort and driving pleasure.

1 fill saved each year**

QUARTZ INEO ECS is a certified Fuel Economy oil: it reduces engine internal friction and thus gives a visible reduction in fuel consumption.


(**): 30L. Result obtained using QUARTZ INEO ECS instead of traditional 15W-40 oil, for a passenger car PEUGEOT 307 or CITROEN C4 (1,6 Hdi) with a consumption of 4,8L/100 km, covering 18000 km annually.

1 Tonne less of CO2*

QUARTZ INEO ECS enables the engine to reduce polluting gas emissions by 50%.

It protects the diesel particulate filter against premature clogging, a guarantee of its sustained efficiency! The reduction in fuel consumption also results in a reduction in CO2 emissions.


(*): Reduction of 4 g of CO2 emissions per km, corresponding to a reduction of 1 tonne of CO2 emissions over the vehicle's lifetime for a diesel passenger car whose average lifetime is estimated to be 250,000 km.